10 Charming Long Layers for Straight Hair

Scribbled Underline

Longer front, shorter back layers.


Choppy, irregular layers creating an edgy look.

Choppy Layers: 

Unique and trendy pixie cut with long layers.

Long-layered pixie: 

Part your hair in the middle and allow the layers fall evenly on both sides.

Middle-Parted Layers: 

Long layers with textured bangs look elegant and youthful.

Bangs with texture: 

Tie hair parts at varying lengths to make a layered ponytail.

Ponytail layers: 

Give your layers a sun-kissed look with modest highlights.

Highlighted Long hair

Tangled layers for a casual bohemian look.

Long Tousled Layers: 

Use side-swept bangs with lengthy layers for sophistication.

Side-swept bangs: 

Feathered layers and curls create a stunning, voluminous haircut.

Curly Long

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