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10 cheap ways to add nutrients to indoor plants


Use homemade compost or store-bought compost to add nutrients to your plants.

Coffee Grounds:

Used coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and can be added to the soil or compost bin.


Crushed eggshells are a good source of calcium and can be sprinkled on the soil.

Banana Peels:

Rich in potassium, banana peels can be chopped up and buried in the soil.

Epsom Salt:

Dissolve Epsom salt in water and use it to water your plants occasionally to provide magnesium.

Fish Tank Water:

Use water from your fish tank (without any additives or chemicals) to water your plants for a nutrient boost.


Dilute molasses in water and use it as a soil drench to add nutrients and stimulate microbial activity.

Green Tea:

Use brewed, cooled green tea as a liquid fertilizer for your plants.


Rinse off salt and use seaweed as a mulch or compost additive for a nutrient boost.

Vegetable Cooking Water:

After boiling vegetables, let the water cool and use it to water your plants for added nutrients.