10 Common Living Room Design Disasters Experts Warn Against Falling For

A key mistake often made when it comes to living rooms is selecting the wrong sofa.

Wrong Size Sofa

Large pieces of furniture can overwhelm a room, making it feel cramped and uninviting. Ensure your furniture is appropriately sized for the space to maintain balance.

Oversized Furniture

Placing furniture too close together or too far apart can disrupt the flow and functionality of the room.

Poorly Arranged Furniture

Failing to consider the natural flow of foot traffic through the room can result in awkward pathways and obstacles.

Ignoring Traffic Flow

Inadequate or poorly placed lighting can create a gloomy atmosphere. Combine ambient, task, and accent lighting to enhance the room's functionality and mood.

Neglecting Lighting

An overly coordinated color scheme and matching furniture sets can make a room feel sterile and lack personality. Mix and match colors, patterns, and styles to add visual interest.

Matching Everything

Choosing decor elements that are out of proportion with the room's size can create visual imbalance. Be mindful of the scale of your furniture, artwork, and accessories.

Neglecting Scale And Proportion

Cluttering your living room with too many decorations can make it feel chaotic and overwhelming. Select a few meaningful pieces and let them shine.


Mounting a TV too high, too low, or in an awkward location can disrupt the room's overall design. Ensure the TV is at eye level when seated and integrates well with the room's decor.

Poorly Placed TV

A living room should reflect your personality and interests. Don't make it look like a showroom; incorporate personal items and decor that have meaning to you.

Neglecting Personal Touches

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