10 Exceptionally Stylish Curly Haircuts for Women Over 50

Showcase spiral curls that add a twist of elegance to your look.

Spiral Curls

Sweep your curly bangs to one side for a glamorous and vintage-inspired style.

Swept Bangs

Combine a faux hawk with curly hair for a trendy and daring look

Curly Faux Hawk

Curly hairstyles can be modernized and daring with undercuts.

Undercut Curl: 

Twist your curly hair for texture.

The Curly Twist: 

A short curly shag haircut exudes confidence and style.

Mini Curly Shag: 

Transform your curly hair into an updo with a curly mohawk style.

Curly Mohawk:

Opt for a curly French twist for a sophisticated and classic hairstyle.

Curly French Twist: 

Showcase afro puffs with your curly hair for a playful and lively look.

Curly Afro Puffs: 

Create a messy bun with your curly hair for a casual and carefree style.

Messy Curly Bun: 

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