10 Fabulous Short Permed Haircuts for women over 50

Tousled Ends: 

Messy curls with disheveled ends are easygoing and lively.

Part and Tuck: 

Part your hair to the side and tuck one side behind your ear for a beautiful asymmetry.

Tight Curls: 

For a striking look, choose a perm that creates tight curls.

Side Bangs:

Add side bangs to your permed bob for a youthful, flirtatious look.


Add dimension to permed curls with judiciously applied highlights.

Messy Curly Pixie:

A permed pixie cut with a messy, textured look is stylish and unusual.

Looking Perm 

Choose a perm that complements your natural hair texture for a flawless look.

Short Perm: 

For volume and movement, choose a layered top with permed curls.

Middle Part: 

A wavy perm and middle part give a balanced and attractive style.

Textured Perm:

Textured perms with balayage coloring create a trendy, multidimensional hairstyle.

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