10 Fast-Food Items You Should Never Order, According to Employees

Movie Theater Popcorn:

 Some workers have reported that the popcorn at movie theaters can sometimes be reheated from the previous day.

Fast Food Ice:

 There are claims from employees across multiple chains about ice machines not being cleaned as frequently as they should be.

Chain Coffee Shops' Pastries:

 Some workers at popular coffee chains have reported that many pastries are delivered frozen and might sit for a while before being sold.


 Ironically, in certain fast-food chains, salads might not be as fresh as you'd hope, as they can be pre-made and might sit for a while, especially if they're not a popular item.

Fish Sandwiches:

 Some fast-food employees have suggested avoiding fish items unless it's during a promotional period or Lent, when they're sold more frequently and are likely fresher.

Fast Food “Specials”:

 Sometimes, the "special" items or those not commonly ordered might sit pre-made for longer periods.

Fountain Soda: 

Some workers report that the machines aren't cleaned as regularly as customers might hope.

Items Right Before Closing:

 Ordering just before a fast-food place closes might mean you get items that have been sitting out for a while, as fresh batches aren't typically made close to closing time.

Taco Fillings:

 Some employees from various taco-serving chains suggest that fillings like beans might be reheated multiple times during the day.

Little-Used Condiments:

 Any condiments or toppings that aren't frequently used might not be as fresh, as they could be sitting out for extended periods.

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