10 Gorgeous Ways to Get Highlights in Long Hair

Ashy colors provide elegant highlights.

Minor Ash Highlights: 

Utilize several hues to create depth and movement.

Dimensional Features: 

To make your outfit pop, add blues, purples, or greens.

Highlights of Mermaid 

Intense red highlights may make long hair look opulent and seductive.

Red Velvet Details: 

Blend blonde and brunette highlights for a balanced look.

Highlights: Bronde 

Use oranges, pinks, and purples to match a sunset.

Highlights of Sunset: 

Add sun-like highlights to your hair.

All-natural highlights: 

Ice blue highlights in long hair are strong and unusual.

icy blue highlights 

Dark hair with light highlights or vice versa creates a stunning contrast.

Highlights contrast: 

Make your outfit stand out with a spectrum of brilliant highlights.

Highlights of Rainbow: 

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