10 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Younger, According to Makeup Artists

Moisturize and Prime:

Start with a good moisturizer to hydrate your skin, followed by a primer to create a smooth base for makeup application.

Choose the Right Foundation:

Opt for lightweight, hydrating foundations or tinted moisturizers to avoid a heavy, cakey look. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone.

Conceal Dark Circles:

Use a concealer that's slightly lighter than your foundation to brighten the under-eye area and camouflage dark circles.

Highlight Strategically:

Apply a subtle highlighter to the high points of your face—cheekbones, brow bones, and down the center of your nose—to add a youthful glow.

Blush for a Rosy Glow:

Opt for cream blushes for a natural, dewy finish. Apply on the apples of your cheeks to add a youthful flush.

Define Brows:

Define and shape your brows to frame your face. A slightly fuller, well-groomed brow can contribute to a more youthful appearance.

Eye Makeup Tricks:

Use neutral, matte eyeshadows to create a soft and subtle eye look. Avoid heavy, dark eyeliners on the lower lash line.

Lip Tricks:

Use a lip liner to define your lips and prevent feathering. Choose natural, rosy tones for a youthful look.

Set with Finishing Powder:

Use a lightweight setting powder to set your makeup, focusing on areas prone to shine. Avoid heavy powders that can settle into fine lines.

Blend Well:

Blend your makeup well to avoid harsh lines. Pay attention to seamless blending for a more natural and youthful finish.

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