10 Most Popular Japanese Hairstyles For Men

1. Messy BedHead Look

Simple styling procedures and tools may create an untidy bedhead look. Air-drying your hair and tousling it with your fingers or a comb adds volume and structure.

2. Long Hair

 Men with long hair should use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for long hair to keep it moisturized and shining. 

3. Samurai Hairstyle

Famous feudal Japanese samurai soldiers had the samurai hairstyle. The most famous version of this hairstyle is the chonmage, a men's topknot. 

4. Samurai Top Knot

Men in Edo (1603-1868) wore the chonmage, or samurai top knot. After shaving the top of the head, a long piece of hair was wrapped into a knot in the rear. 

5. Silver Hair

Silver hair is mostly grey, white, or silver. It occurs naturally when hair loses colour with aging. Many individuals now color their hair grey or silver for a trendy appearance.

6. Textured Mullet

Top and sides get shorter, while back becomes longer. Choppy, disheveled, or spiky back hair may be made using scissors, razors, or other cutting instruments.

7. Side-Parted Pompadour

Side-parted pompadours have short sides and a long, voluminous top. The hair is split to one side, making the haircut more contemporary and sleek.

8. Anime Spiky Hairstyle

Shonen action series like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto and shojo romance series like Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket feature exaggerated, gravity-defying, vividly colored spiky hairstyles.

9. Triangle Braid

Men's triangle braids have tiny, triangular hair portions braided together. To accomplish this look, divide the hair into triangles using a comb and braid each area separately.

10. Classic Pompadour

The 1950s Classic Pompadour has been a popular men's hairstyle for centuries. The sides and back are clipped short, but the top has long hair combed upwards and backward to provide height and volume. 

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