10 pixie Hairstyles for Black Women Over 50

Braided Pixie:

Add texture and flair with little braids or twists on the sides.

Faded Pixie:

For a modern style, fade the sides and lengthen the top.

Twisted Pixie:

Twist little portions of top hair to provide texture and dimension.

Layered Pixie:

Layering your pixie enhances your natural hair structure by adding volume and movement.

Partial Pixie:

Part your pixie to the side for a chic look.

Gray Pixie:

For a sophisticated and elegant look, embrace your gray hair or colour it.

Headwrapped Pixie:

Wear a headwrap or turban for style and culture.

Short Afro Pixie:

Short pixie cuts celebrate your Afro's inherent texture while keeping it manageable.

Finger-waved pixie:

Use finger waves for a classic, elegant look.

Frohawk Pixie: 

Create a fake hawk look by raising the center of your pixie.

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