10 Red Flags That Expose Narcissists Right Away

1. Excessive Self-Centeredness

Observe whether a person consistently places themselves before others and lacks empathy.

2. Constant Need for Admiration

Consider individuals who constantly pursue praise and admiration from others.

3. Sense of Entitlement

Be wary of those who believe they deserve special treatment and disregard the rules.

4. Manipulative Behavior

Be wary of individuals who control others through manipulation and deception.

5. Lack of Empathy

Identify those who lack compassion or concern for the feelings and requirements of others.

6. Grandiosity

Recognize extravagant claims and inflated self-importance.

7. Jealousy and Envy

Take note of those who exhibit resentment and jealousy towards the success of others.

8. Inability to Accept Criticism

Observe narcissists' responses to criticism or feedback, as they may be defensive.

9. Exploitative Behavior

Be on the lookout for people who exploit others for personal gain without remorse.

10. Lack of Genuine Interest

Pay close attention to individuals who lack genuine concern in the lives of others.