10 Sassy and Sexy Black Pixie Cuts for women over 60

Spicy and Short:

Try a short, spiky pixie cut for confidence and edge.

Pixie Asymmetry:

An edgy asymmetrical pixie cut turns heads.

Pixie Cut: 

Pixie cuts with bangs are sensuous and mysterious.

Pixie Side:

Style a side-parted pixie cut with elegance.

Curved and Textured:

You can look fashionable and confident with a tapered back and textured layers.

Razored pixie:

Pixie cuts with razor-sharp edges are edgy and appealing.

Passion purple:

Use a vibrant color like purple to enhance your pixie cut.

Raging Fringe: 

Go for a strong fringe to spice up your pixie cut.

Shiny and smooth: 

To seem chic and seductive, keep your pixie cut glossy.

Siren Silver:

Silver hair makes a stunning, confident pixie cut.

10 Smashing Pixie Bob Haircuts for women over 60