10 Signs You Might Be an “Insecure” Person

1. Constant Comparison

You frequently compare yourself to others, evaluating your value based on their accomplishments or appearances.

2. Seeking Validation

You seek external validation and approbation from others in order to feel confident and validated.

3. Negative Self-Talk

You constantly criticize yourself, mistrust your abilities, and speak negatively about yourself.

4. Overthinking

Minor incidents or comments cause excessive overthinking because you are concerned with what others think of you.

5. Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection or criticism prevents you from expressing yourself authentically and from pursuing your objectives.

6. Avoiding Challenges

Anxiety may cause you to avoid challenges or new experiences in order to avoid failure or poor judgment.

7. Perfectionism

You set unreasonably high standards for yourself and become distressed when you fail to satisfy them.

8. Social Withdrawal

Due to anxiety about being evaluated, you may disengage from social situations or avoid new interactions.

9. Difficulty Accepting Compliments

You have difficulty accepting compliments graciously and tend to minimize your achievements.