10 Work From Home Hair Ideas for Pinays

1. Banana Bun

A banana bun is one of those easy-to-do hairstyles that looks great. Try this hairstyle if your hair is long or past your shoulders.

2. Messy Bun

This popular messy-chic hairstyle is another easy way to style your hair when you work from home. 

3. Half Up Top Knot for Short Hair

 If you want to get your hair out of the way, a half-up top knot is great. Just pull a piece of hair from your temples to your crown and use an elastic to tie it into a half ponytail.

4. Messy Fishtail Braid

Try the stylish and casual fishtail braid. Even if you haven't learned how to make a fishtail braid, it doesn't matter. This style is supposed to be open and a little bit messy.

5. Rope Braid

Putting your hair in a rope braid will make you look nice without taking much time. It is one of the best ways to braid your hair.

6. Curly Half Updo

This easy curly half updo will keep your curls in place while you work from home. 

7. Braid Ponytail

Since it's summer and the days are only going to get hotter, you need a presko haircut like the braid ponytail.

8. Low Bubble Ponytail

To do this, take a small piece of hair from your temples up to your head and tie it with an elastic. 

9. Messy Textured Pixie Cut

Whether your hair is dirty or you're just having a bad hair day, just let your pixie cut look messy and layered. 

10. Bob with Headband

All you have to do is tie a scarf or bandana around your head and put the knot on top of your head or a little bit to the side.