12 Clippy Barrette Hairstyles, Because We're in Our Opulent Accessories Era

Braids + Barrettes

Make two pigtail braids by dividing your hair down the middle and securing the ends with elastics. Leave a few inches of hair at the end.

Monochromatic Barrettes

Grab your best barrettes, which should all be the same color, and put three on each side of your hairline.


Take a cue from Lizzo's charming hairstyle if you want to look glam with a vintage touch. First, roll your hair into rollers, but don't roll them all the way up.

Vibrant Barrettes

We love a vibrant hair moment, and these bold barrettes would look fab on any hair type or color.

Mismatched Barrettes

Best believe I'm still bejeweled when I walk in the room... wearing these stunning barrettes and clips.

Rainbow Barrettes

We were sold when you said "rainbow." If you want to add some color to your hair, we think you'll love these rainbow barrettes that fall down.

Pearl Barrettes

Pearlcore is in, and if you want to hop on the latest trend, look no further than some pearl barrettes.

Conflicting Barrettes

This magazine look of "conflicting barrettes" makes us feel everything. To do it again, you only need barrettes in different shapes and colors.

Coupled Barrettes

When we saw this new style that uses barrettes, we were shocked. Clip them all in one place instead of putting them in order along your head.

Party Barrettes

Go for a "party in the back" look and add six barrettes in various shades and patterns to the back of your hair.