5 Skincare Swaps You Need To Make For Autumn/winter

Skincare Changes

While you don't need to toss out your products or overhaul your skincare regimen, it's essential to make a few adjustments to better suit your skin. 

The changes to make

To keep your skin feeling and appearing healthy and radiant during the colder months, you must make the following five skincare substitutions.

1. Choose a richer moisturiser & cleanser

In order to protect the skin's natural barrier from the colder weather, you should transition from a light cleanser to a cream or balm cleanser.

2. Exfoliate… but not too much!

As the weather changes, your skin will become drier and more sensitive; exfoliating your skin when it feels this way can lead to scaling, irritation, and other skin issues. 

3. Increase hydration levels

When the weather is cold, our epidermis tends to dehydrate and become dry. Utilize hydrating products.

4. Pay special attention to the lips and eyes

Lips tend to dry out, crack, and flake when exposed to cold and wind, so use a lip salve to moisturize and prevent chapping. 

5. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen

Always apply sunscreen before leaving the home to provide an additional layer of protection. 

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