7 Easy Edible Plants To Grow On Your Windowsill Or Back Porch

The easiest food plants to grow, herbs belong on your windowsill or back porch. For outdoor use, try parsley, thyme, chives, sage, mint, oregano, and rosemary


Thanks to their attractive foliage and flowers, green beans are a great addition to any container garden, whether on your deck, balcony or back porch.


Carrots need deep soil in order to grow well, but there are colorful, short-rooted varieties that do nicely in containers.


Like tomatoes, eggplants grow into large plants that need plenty of elbow room; use one transplant per each 5-gallon container.


Crispy peppery radishes are great in salads and an easy, fast-growing crop for beginner gardeners.


Kale is another space-saving, nutrient-packed vegetable that's perfect for container gardening.


For container gardens, the smaller, bushy varieties of determinate tomatoes are usually the most successful


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