7 Places In Your Home Where You Should Never Hang A Mirror

Over The Bed

A mirror over the bed may look good, but it poses a safety risk. Mirrors are heavy and can cause serious injury if they fall.

Opposite The Front Door

Do not place mirrors opposite the front door. Gusts of wind can knock the mirror down and cause damage

Over A High Fireplace

A mirror over a high fireplace can be unaesthetic, as it will mainly reflect the ceiling.

Opposite A Window

Mirrors can amplify natural light and brighten a dark room, but they should be avoided opposite windows with direct or strong light.

Opposite The Shower

Avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the shower or behind the toilet, as it can create uncomfortable reflections and lack of privacy.

In The Ceiling

Mirrors should not be hung in the ceiling. In addition to the safety risk, it can also create uncomfortable visual effects and privacy issues.

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