8 Breakout Hair Colors of Fall 2022

1. Cinnamon

Pumpkin spice lattes are a classic fall drink, but adding cinnamon to your coffee is also a popular fall drink that has even influenced hair color trends for the season.

1. Vintage Gold Blonde

While Y2K is dictating many of this year's beauty trends, the swinging '60s are also a heavily influence.

3. Subtle Money Piece

Blonde dimensional balayage with subtle money bits is a perfect mix of soft warm and cool highlights in the middle and ends.

5. Cinnamon Chestnut Brown

It is a great choice for brunettes who want to try the warm copper tones that are popular this fall without going all the way.

6. Rich Golden Highlights

Baum says that if you're a blonde who spent the summer at the pool or beach, rich golden highlights will bring back your color for the fall. 

7. Dimensional Rich Brunette

Deep chocolate brown shades are in the forecast for fall — but with a twist.

8. Copper

The year's most popular hair color is still going strong for fall, and we have to say, it fits the approved color scheme of the season.

9. Solid Colors

Let's repeat it one more time for anyone who can't hear it in the back: solid hair colors aren't boring.