8 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Wine, According To Southern Sommeliers

Serving reds too warm and whites too cold. Reds excel slightly below room temp, whites chilled but not ice-cold.

Serving Temperature

Equating price with quality. Affordable wines can be excellent; expensive ones might not align with your taste.

Price As Quality Indicator

Sticking to familiar wines. Explore different types, regions, and grapes for new experiences.

Wine Variety

Storing wine improperly. Keep in a cool, dark place, on its side to maintain cork moisture.

Storage Conditions

Overlooking local varieties. Regional wines can offer unique and delightful flavors.

Local Wines

Disregarding glass shape. Different wines are enhanced by specific glass types.

Glassware Importance

Not experimenting with serving temperatures. Small changes can reveal new flavors.

Temperature Experimentation

Hesitating to ask experts. Sommeliers can guide you to wines that match your preferences.

Asking For Advice

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