8 Signs Your Cat Might Be Holding a Grudge 


 If your cat is purposefully avoiding you, hiding more than usual, or leaving the room when you enter, they might be upset about something.

Hissing or Swatting:

 An upset cat might hiss, swat, or growl when approached.

Refusing to Eat:

 A sudden loss of appetite can be a sign of distress.


 Excessive grooming, leading to bald patches, might indicate stress.

Litter Box Issues:

 Suddenly refusing to use the litter box or having "accidents" can be a sign of upset.

Excessive Vocalization:

 Constant meowing or yowling might indicate discomfort.

Scratching Furniture:

 If they're suddenly scratching furniture more than usual, it might be a sign of distress.

Stiff Body Language:

 A rigid tail, flattened ears, or dilated pupils can indicate that your cat is upset.

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