8 Small Office Layout Ideas You've Never Thought About Before

Corner Office Desk

Use a corner of the room for an L-shaped desk that maximizes space and provides ample work surface.

Vertical Space

Install floating shelves and wall-mounted desks to save floor space, creating a more open and airy feel in the office.

Multipurpose Furniture

Consider a foldable desk or a convertible desk that can double as a small table for meetings or brainstorming sessions.

Lofted Workspace

In rooms with high ceilings, consider adding a loft level for your office, leaving the ground floor for other purposes.

Mirror Magic

Placing mirrors strategically can make a small office space look bigger and brighter.

Shared Central Desk

In a shared office, a large, central desk can be more space-efficient than multiple small desks.

Window Nook Office

Set up your office in a window nook to enjoy natural light and a view, which can boost productivity and mood.

Sliding Doors

Replace traditional doors with sliding doors to save space and add a modern touch to your office.

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