9 Best Plants To Add Privacy To Your Yard

Arborvitae is a tall evergreen shrub that forms a dense, narrow hedge, providing excellent year-round privacy.


This fast-growing evergreen tree can quickly create a dense screen or hedge for privacy.

Leyland Cypress

Clumping bamboo varieties are non-invasive and can form a lush and tall privacy screen when planted in rows.


Privet is a hardy, fast-growing shrub that can be trimmed to create a dense, formal hedge.


Ficus trees or shrubs can be used to create a natural privacy barrier, but they may require regular maintenance.


American holly is an evergreen tree or shrub with prickly leaves that provides year-round privacy and produces attractive red berries.

American Holly

Boxwoods are versatile evergreen shrubs that can be pruned into various shapes, including hedges, for privacy and aesthetics.


This fast-growing evergreen shrub features bright red new growth, making it an attractive choice for privacy hedges.

Red-tipped Photinia

Japanese cedar is a tall, evergreen tree with a conical shape that can be used to create a natural privacy screen.

Japanese Cedar

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