9 Paint Colors Designers Wish Would Go Away Forever

1. Gray

Unquestionably, gray is the color that designers dislike the most. "It is lacking in substance and personality.

2. Neon Colors

Pink and lime green may appear to be vibrant and enjoyable colors, but they are typically too garish for indoor spaces.

3. Red

Red, along with other primary hues, can be difficult to implement in vast wall areas.

4. Off-White

This is considered a neutral, but it can be difficult to carry off at times. It frequently appears dingy, filthy, or yellow.

5. Yellow

If you're a fan of the cheerful hue, take a cue from these gorgeous yellow rooms that effortlessly emanate high design.

6. Emerald Green

A more contemporary palette of blue-green hues with gray nuances that are easy on the eyes and adaptable to a variety of settings. 

7. Pastels

Some pastels lack sophistication or are too subdued, except when used in nurseries. 

8. Brown

Some designers avoid dark browns because they can make spaces feel antiquated and dreary.

9. Purple

Purple is difficult to achieve. If you choose an intense hue such as this one, you should tone down the remainder of the room.

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