9 winter hair trends to jump on early

1. Neptune waves

In contrast to last year's Botticelli Waves, this year's Neptune Waves are more fluid and elongated, with thinner extremities and a puffier silhouette.

2. Le petit bob

Bob lengths have been decreasing for some time, and Le Petit Bob may be the shortest a bob can get before transforming into an entirely new style.

3. Stretched mullet

This style is ideal for the more daring individual who wants to maintain length but have a distinctive and powerful appearance.

4. Skinny lob

If you're undecided about whether to grow your hair out or cut it short, you're in luck, as one of the most popular winter haircuts, the Skinny Lob, falls right in the center.

5. The veil

The Veil cut, in which XXL lengths are meticulously straightened on either side of a center part.

6. Beurre brunette

Warmer golden tones have replaced the previously preferred frigid blondes as the most popular blonde shade.

7. Candy cane red

Try candy cane red if you're frantic for a dopamine winter hair color to combat the grey British weather.

8. Trophy blonde

Are you seeking a blonde update? Trophy blonde is a hue that is predicted to be popular during the winter. 

9. Earthyage

Gisele's subtle golden blonde hues are achieved by keeping the hand-painted highlights away from the root and retaining the darker base color in the mids and ends as well.

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