A Zero-Calorie "Dessert" Is Going Viral—Here's Why

If someone says "strawberry shortcake," "banana split," or "salted caramel apple," you probably picture

the classic treats in their solid shape. But on TikTok, sweet delights like these are inspiring the latest hydration hack.

Numerous social media users have posted videos of themselves making "water recipes" to drink more water. "Birthday cake water," "pineapple 

upside down cake water," and "cotton candy water" are being made by TikTokers using sugar-free

and zero-calorie syrups and drink mixes from the store. 140.3 million people have seen #watertok.

Tonya Spanglo, who goes by @takingmylifebackat42 on TikTok, started the #watertok trend by posting water-based drinks such "piña colada 

The recipe calls for ice water, three pumps of coconut-flavored syrup, and a packet of crushed pineapple-flavored drink powder.

After being posted on March 8, the video has garnered 3.6 million views and nearly 3,100 comments.

Three years after gastric sleeve surgery, Spanglo started drinking flavored water. After surgery, the content creator struggled to fulfill her daily water goal