Alaska Airlines Is Cutting Flights to 7 Major Cities

The catastrophic fires that engulfed Maui a few weeks ago have been extinguished, but their effects are still being felt. 

At least 115 people were murdered and whole towns were destroyed in one of Hawaii's greatest natural disasters. 

Residents are starting the lengthy and grueling reconstruction and restoration process, with up to 6,000 individuals still displaced.

Beginning in November, Alaska Airlines will discontinue flights to Maui Kahului Airport (OGG) from six mainland cities.

Alaska Airlines will provide four flights to the island from PDX, SEA, and SAN in November. That month, one Maui flight would be canceled at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC).

 Alaska Airlines is not alone in canceling Maui flights as a result of the wildfires. Other major airlines have grounded flights as a result of the natural disaster.

Delta said on Monday that it would discontinue its Atlanta Hartfield Airport (ATL)-OGG route, which was set to resume next month.

There will be no flights until August 2024, according to the statistics. It also canceled its flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Maui in December.

According to an Alaska Airlines spokesman, the company wants to help Maui recover.

Aside from boosting tourism, the group has identified local businesses in need of assistance as well as organizations in need of donations and volunteers.

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