Best Hair Color Ideas For Women To Try In 2023

1. Long Hair With Blonde Money Piece

The front blonde colour illuminates your black hair and gives your face the necessary glow. It's sophisticated and ideal for highlighting your face with hair color.

2. Wavy Red Hair With Slime-Green Ends

The cool, warm, and neutral undertones look great on everyone. Add slime-green or dark green ends to this iconic and fiery hue to make a statement anywhere!

3. Jet Black Braided Hair With Rich Espresso Highlights

Jet black hair is timeless. Smooth front fringes, braided headband, soft curling ends, and rich espresso highlights enhance this appearance.

4. Straight Caramel Hair With Highlights and Lowlights

Your long, straight, and silky hair may have light or dark golden blonde highlights and dark caramel brown or light caramel brown lowlights.

5. Rich Auburn Blonde Waves With Center Part

This deep, dark auburn will wow you if you like darker reds. Create a center part and let your gorgeous waves cascade your shoulders.

6. Light Reddish Blonde Retro Waves With Texture

This classic haircut with complex waves and a crisp side bang suits light reddish blonde hair. Add elegance by highlighting a few strands with golden blonde.

7. Ballet Bun On Light Auburn Hair With Brown Lowlights

Flattened and smoothed wavy light auburn hair wears a gorgeous ballerina bun. Dark brown lowlights give the haircut a whole new depth.

8. Brushed Back And Volumized Dark Reddish Brown Hair

The dark reddish brown suits brunettes. It provides hair a delicate color that matches your individuality. Back your hair and tease it for great volume.

9. Charming Peach Blonde Updo With Wavy Side Bang

No hair color is as delicate and lovely as peach blonde. It makes this somewhat untidy updo with a small wavy side bang seem professional. 

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