Coca-Cola Is Launching a Revolutionary New Coffee Machine

Coca-Cola may soon challenge Starbucks. To expand, the legendary soda firm has looked to innovation. Many Americans are unaware that it has already begun.

Since buying Costa Coffee in 2019, the beverage company has expanded across Europe. Coca-Cola just announced U.S. launches for those goods by year's end.

The company will promote "Costa Smart Cafes." At "the touch of a button," the devices make barista-free coffee. According to their

website, Smart Cafes are the world's first coffee machine that can make over 500 drinks, from "ice coffees to iced fruit cordials." It's unclear

where the vending machines will initially arrive in the U.S. They're employed at convenience stores, grocery stores, retail outlets

The epidemic benefited Costa's self-service strategy, according to Beverage Daily.

Since 1965, Europe has known Costa, but the US is new. However, National Coffee Association polls shows that U.S. coffee consumption is at a two-decade high

Lately, the beverage company has broken its own regulations. Coke introduced its first celebrity partnership, a fruity drink with Marshmello,

last month. It has also been experimenting with mixed drinks, such as its Jack Daniel's & Coca-Cola RTD and Simply Spiked Lemonade.

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