Coca-Cola Just Debuted A New Summer Soda Flavor

This year, one of America's most recognizable brands has been experimenting. Introducing new drinks and canceling others has made

it challenging to keep up. The soda firm just added "pop" to popstar, a first in 130 years of selling malted beverages.

In partnership with Marshmello, Coca-Cola is introducing a strawberry-watermelon drink. The summer limited-edition flavor is inspired by the

celebrity's favorite flavors. This is Coke's first celebrity co-create, however these marketing initiatives are becoming more widespread.

"It was great to collaborate with Coca-Cola on this limited-edition drop," Marshmello writes on the company's website.

We mixed my favorite flavors in this new mix for a feeling. I adore the taste and hope fans do too."

One of the soft drink giant's numerous exits is the celebrity collaboration. The soda business just released its Jack Daniel's & Coca-

Cola pre-mixed RTD countrywide, experimenting with mixed drinks. Later this year, it will launch "Fresca Mixed" alongside Topo Chico Hard

Seltzers and Simply Spiked Lemonade, created with MolsonCoors. Before adding alcohol, Coke attempted Starlight, a space-themed soft drink

Finally, after almost 25 years, the business announced it would discontinue its HONEST line in 2022, disappointing many tea drinkers.

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