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Common Health Issues With Popular Dog Breeds

The huge Bernese mountain dog, from Switzerland, was once a farm dog. Unfortunately, this breed has hip and elbow abnormalities.

Swiss Mountain Dog

Weimaraners can get Von Willebrand disease and other mild ailments. In humans, Von Willebrand disease causes blood coagulation problems.


Bloodhounds, originally bred for hunting in the Middle Ages, might have dry eye and eyelid abnormalities.


Too bad the bulldog is the most extreme example of genetic manipulation in dog breeding. They have congenital and hereditary health difficulties because of this.


Poodles, water dogs, can suffer stomach dilatation-volvulus, or bloat, which is lethal without surgery.


Boxers are notoriously cancer-prone. Canine cancer can be treated if detected early and not aggressively.


Patellar luxation, which can cause arthritis, is a common Chihuahua issue. They can get heart and eye disorders.


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