Costco Adds Another 'Delicious' Cookie: 'Hard To Eat Just One'

Costco's bakery constantly introduces new and returning delicacies. The warehouse club has added sweets again after a run of baked goods offerings.

Over the past week, some Costco members have introduced white chocolate cranberry cookies. A 24-count carton of the dessert costs $9.99 in warehouses.

Laura Lamb, who runs @costcohotfinds on Instagram, called the cookies "buttery soft." She stated, "Microwaving them for 15 seconds gives them that 'just out of the oven' taste and texture. 

So soft, they melted in my hands, and it's impossible to consume just one."Some consumers were excited to taste the new cookies, while others gave nice feedback in the comments.

One Instagram user said, "These cookies are absolutely delicious!" "Agree. They're considerably better after warming up "said another.

In another @costcobuys Instagram image, one commenter said, "Not overly sweet like I thought they'd be, which is kinda nice." The user said, "All in all, very happy with them."

Costco has other white chocolate cranberry cookies. Cranberry almond bark with white and dark chocolate debuted in the fall at the warehouse club.

The new white chocolate cranberry cookies and cherry-topped cheesecake at Costco have caught buyers' attention.

This approximately six-pound dish has a graham cracker shell, sour cream, cheesecake filling, and a sweet cherry topping.

 Shoppers recently saw this cheesecake for $22.99, but previously for $19.99. As with any Costco product, prices vary by area.

Costco's almost-four-pound triple chocolate cream pie also made waves. This $19.99 dessert has fudge brownie, chocolate custard, whipped topping, and chocolate shavings on a butter graham cracker crust.