Costco Is Raising the Price of Another Beloved Item Soon

Costco members have seen numerous items rising in price. They may have assumed the food court was immune to inflation, but the chicken

bake and 20-ounce Pepsi had witnessed price increases. Unfortunately, more Costco products will be raised in price.

This recent fee rise may hurt harder for people getting married soon and needing to send out a lot of written invites or who prefer the old-

fashioned way of sending a note.  Costco members will notice that Forever Stamps for the U.S. have increased from $0.58 to $0.60 per stamp

Due to 6.5% inflation, the Postal Service approved a nationwide price hike on July 10. Costco sells the USPS First-Class Forever Stamp in five

booklets of 100 stamps for $57.75 and will honor the former member pricing until August 28, so act fast to secure your postage rate.

Forever Stamps are sold out online. However, some stores may sell them at the pre-price hike pricing.

Forever Stamps are commemorative sticker stamps that have their value forever. Since 2007, their price has continuously grown from $0.41.

The food court's most popular chicken bake went from $2.99 to $3.99, which upset members. The renowned Kirkland croissants and muffins

were grudgingly hiked by $1.00 in the bakery. Many products have been influenced by inflation. Water, bacon, and beef have raised grocery prices, even at Costco.

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