Costco Will Open a New Warehouse In the Midwest—Here's Where

Costco is one of many supermarket stores opening new locations, including a Midwest warehouse. And specifically in Fruitport Township, 

The new warehouse and fuel facility will be built on roughly 80 acres of undeveloped land worth $769,800. "This development matches the 

township master plan and downtown development authority. Costco is great for Fruitport and Norton Shores "WZZM 13 reported Fruitport 

Locals seem to agree. The town's planning commission convened a public hearing to discuss site layout and building permission.

The Fruitport Charter Township Planning Commission unanimously approved the project after community backing.

Costco has 16 Michigan locations, but only three in West Michigan—Grand Rapids, Grandville, and Kalamazoo. No word on when the new 

Fruitport Township warehouse will open. The chain is finishing several projects this year, including new stores in Newark, Calif., Stockbridge, Ga.

Costco announced plans to open 24 shops in the fiscal year, adding to its 847 locations in December 2022. Canada had 107, Mexico 40, and Japan 

31 in addition to 583 in the US and Puerto Rico. Britain has 29 Costcos, Korea 18, Taiwan, Australia 14, Spain 4, and France and China 2. Iceland, 

The new facility in Fruitport Township may open soon despite its recent approval. A metal warehouse store may be built in 110 days from foundation to opening.

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