Costco's Bakery Just Debuted Its Second New Item This Month

Costco has been adding new bread offerings since the epidemic forced others to be dropped. While some items are

"mini" in size, the latest addition is anything but, and is the second new bakery item in recent weeks.

Cheesecake is a year-round favorite, and Costco's seasonal variation fluctuates. It has been served with strawberries in late summer and

apples and sweet crumb streusel in October. Today, there's a Chocolate Cheesecake with numerous chocolates that's "perfect for a party!"

On June 14, Instagram account @costco_empties asked: "How amazing does this NEW Chocolate Cheesecake @costco look?"

The cake's size contrasts with the other early June bakery item, and many commenters are excited about it. Instead of chocolate, Raspberry

Mini Cakes with Buttercream Icing are popular. The box of six muffins has vanilla cake with raspberry jelly, pink buttercream, and white

chocolate shavings. Members pay $9, $10 less than the Chocolate Cheesecake, but both are shared.

These two new Costco bakery delicacies aren't affected by the supermarket industry's high inflation, but two other goods in this warehouse are.

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