10 Defying Age with Style Haircut for Older Women

Soft-Layered Bob:

A classic bob with modest layers adds modern grace. Layers lend depth and elegance to the bob's precise lines.

Pixie Cut:

Pixie cuts are bold. This cut frames your face and exudes confidence.

length Waves:

Shoulder-length waves are ageless, adding volume and gentleness to your inherent attractiveness.

Long Layers:

Long layers seem youthful and lively. These layers provide texture, making your hair thicker and more colorful.

Sleek Bangs:

Bangs and a harsh cut make a statement. This bold appearance enhances your features and gives you sophistication.

A-Line Lob:

Modernize a classic with the A-line long bob (lob). Its longer front and somewhat shorter rear flatter many face shapes.

Curly Bob:

A well-defined bob is best for naturally curly hair. Curls give a sophisticated, dynamic look.

Side-swept Pixie:

A side-swept textured pixie adds fun. It frames your face and adds volume.

Regal Updo

Special events suit updos. A majestic updo with gentle wisps around your face gives you a queenly air.

Modern Shag:

Modern shags emphasize carefreeness. This cut looks modern with modest accents.

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