Everything You Need to Know to Avoid Getting Sick on an Airplane

My longtime struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder has made me sensitive to airplane cleanliness, but you don't have to be a germaphobe to feel uneasy

If your airline serves water in cups instead of little sealed bottles or cartons, this is crucial. Airline water may be unsafe to drink or at least unpalatable due

Although hand sanitizer is the most basic germ control method, it is nevertheless crucial, especially when traveling. Water-and-soap is best

Please listen. If your flight has enough overhead bin space, keep your items up high instead of under the seat in front of you. 

I'm adding germs to the 843,902,840,932 reasons to avoid the middle seat. The air aboard planes is clean, but the individuals sitting next 

Use a tiny package or Ziploc bag of sanitizing wipes to clean the tray table, seatback pocket, armrest, seat belt, wall if you're in a window seat

Remember: “Wet wipes are my friend.” They're gentler on your hands than heavier-duty cleaning wipes but can be utilized if you forget

You can carry a blanket on the plane, but not beer. Before the epidemic, airplane blankets and pillows were not washed between flights.

Rain boots, sandals, and combat boots are easier to clean post-flight than sneakers, suede, or cloth shoes. Sanitize your shoes with wipes or wash them

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