Here's How Early You Should Get to the Airport

Some arrive at the airport hours before their trip, while others rush. We recognize everyone has their own method, but if you want to catch your

flight, we're with the early birds. Find out how early to travel to the airport and how to speed up if you're running late.

For domestic flights, most airlines recommend arriving two hours early. This advice is adjustable based on your travel situation. Regional

airports usually have less people than international hubs, therefore queues are shorter. If you've checked in online, aren't checking a bag,

and have TSA PreCheck or Clear, you may be able to sail through the airport without arriving as early. However, during busy travel times

Most airlines recommend arriving three hours early for international flights. International flights usually board earlier than domestic flights

due to their larger aircraft and higher passenger capacities. This number can be changed, like domestic flights. Checking in online, not

checking a bag, and joining TSA PreCheck can speed things up. Remember to allow extra time at busy travel hours.

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