How to Apply Highlighter So You Don't Look Like a Disco Ball

Use the Right Tools: – Opt for a fan brush, a small, fluffy brush, or a makeup sponge (damp or dry) to apply highlighter.

Less is More: – Start with a small amount of highlighter. You can always add more if needed.

Focus on High Points: – Apply highlighter to the high points of your face, where light naturally hits. These areas typically include:Tops of the cheekbones Bridge of the nose

Blend Thoroughly: – Blend the highlighter into your skin using light, upward strokes. Be gentle to avoid disturbing your foundation or concealer underneath.

Avoid Sparkly or Glittery Formulas: – Choose a highlighter with a fine shimmer rather than chunky glitter.

Consider Your Skin Type: – If you have oily skin, be cautious with highlighter, especially on areas prone to shine

Natural Lighting Check: – After applying highlighter, check your makeup in natural lighting to ensure it looks flattering.

Less is More for Daytime:- For daytime looks, opt for a more subtle highlight.

Use Cream or Liquid Highlighter Sparingly:- Cream or liquid highlighters can provide a dewy look.