How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger

Exfoliate Your Lips

Want your lips to seem alive and not flaky from dead skin cells? Lip exfoliation effectively reduces flakiness and dead cells. Exfoliation also makes lips bigger.

Hydrate Yourself

Lip skin cannot hold too much water. This might make lips seem full since they dry quicker. Thus, drink enough of water to keep your lips plump and moisturized.

Overline Your Lips

Sometimes a simple lip cosmetic tip may make your lips seem fuller. Dab your lips with a little concealer. Lip liner your lips. The secret is to create this shape outside your lip line.

Make Them Seem Fuller

Apply a little shimmering eye makeup to the middle of your top and lower lips. This will increase the depth and dimension of your lips by drawing light to the center.

Highlight Your Philtrum

The bow-shaped philtrum located in the centre of your top lip. A little highlighter on this portion of your top lip may make your lips seem larger.

Use Lip Plumpers

Lip plumpers make lips seem bigger. These products are designed to swell lips without surgery.

Opt For Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler lip injections may improve lip volume and facial characteristics. This therapy uses hyaluronic acid injectable gel.

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