McDonald's Burger Could Cost You Up to 20% More 

Overordering bacon in the drive-thru is a minor expense for many. However, animal rights campaigners have traditionally considered pork too expensive

Carl Icahn has targeted McDonald's and Kroger to expand his fight to abolish pig gestation cages. The move could help align animal welfare

rights with Europe, but many question the timing, especially since it would raise pork costs at a time when Americans are struggling financially.

Bloomberg reports that if the fast-food giant bans gestation crates, pork-containing foods might cost 5% to 20% more.

Adding two half-strips of bacon to a Mickey D's burger in Chicago, where the brand is founded, would cost $2 more.

Animal rights supporters think gestation boxes should be replaced, even though paying more for bacon isn't enjoyable. Hog farms use

crates as "sow stalls" to confine pregnant female pigs. The stalls' advocates believe sows fighting could injure one other, but rights

activists say the crates are barbaric and prohibit the pigs from standing or turning around for months.

Icahn's purchase of over 200 McDonald's shares astonished those who knew him for investing in tiny businesses. Icahn has selected two board

members since the investment to promote his anti-gestation crate agenda. McDonald's acknowledged the switch from gestation crates but cautioned against

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