Most Flattering Curly Hairstyles With Bangs For Women

The clashing colors make this seem edgy and bring attention to yourself. This trendy curly hairstyle with bangs draws attention to your jawline by pointing downward.

1. Spiral Bangs With Highlighted Ends

These thick modern highlighted bangs look great on people with huge or wide foreheads. They conceal much of your brow, emphasising your lovely features. 

2. Gentle Curls With A Highlighted Fringe

This hairstyle is both fashionable and casual. If you don't have natural curls, you can manufacture polished curls with foam rollers.

3. Curly Bangs With A Messy  Bob

Another lovely center-parted hairstyle for a simple, classy look. Wispy bangs disguise a broad forehead, but big curls at the ends add volume and streamline your face.

4. Wispy Bangs With Loosely Curled Ends

This elegant haircut is ideal for a quick and sophisticated hairstyle. Allow your curls to fall freely in a ponytail. Avoid using gel and instead allow your bangs fall naturally.

5. Messy Ponytail With Curly Bangs

This hairstyle emphasizes the jawline. With delicate, big curls, your jawline may appear slimmer. A dark fringe draws attention to your eyes, hair, and cosmetics.

5. Sombre Fringes With Soft Curls

This hairstyle combines the best of both worlds. Thick bangs hide large foreheads, and long ends frame your face.

6. Bangs With Side Frames

Wispy bangs define the face and are fashionable. They look excellent with wavy hair and, if you want to experiment, you may highlight your bangs as well.

7. Wispy Curly Bangs With A Curly Shag

Looking for simple, everyday hairstyles? It doesn't get any easier than this. Curly bangs give curly hair a classic style. Most facial shapes are accommodated.

8. Piece-y Curly Bangs

This is a fierce look. This haircut frames your face and draws attention to your eyes and nose; it is ideal for thick or coarse hair.

9. Thick Bangs With Curls

This hairstyle is casual. Softens lines and fits angular faces. Your jawline is emphasized by the long curly bob and bangs.

10. Volume Bangs

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