Pepsi and Coca-Cola Are Releasing These 4 New Sodas

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, the world's top two soda firms, don't rest on their still-number-one brands, Coca-Cola Classic and Pepsi.

New brands sometimes sell well. Like Coke's $7 Sport & Team Bottles, they can become collectors. In the industry, "zombies" like Tab and Odwalla

Pepsi's 2022 Nitro Pepsi flavor, released on March 28 and available at grocery stores, no longer uses carbon dioxide in its "carbon"ation process.

Colas carbonate. Nitrogen is designated for cold beer and Starbucks coffee, so is Nitro Pepsi a cola? Consider it hybrid.

Computer nerds were stereotyped as Coke drinkers for years. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, its latest limited edition, takes the "byte" from screen-time popularity among online gamers.

The company also hopes gamers and Coke fans will help define Byte as a "pixel-flavored" beverage "born in the metaverse."

Pepsi and Starbucks are launching BAYA Energy to enter the energy drink market. Through its North American Coffee Partnership RTD

Starbucks vice president of Channel Development Americas Chanda Beppu said the firm is "thrilled" to offer BAYA Energy, which uses natural coffee

A "breakthrough innovation," Coca-Cola announced last year, Coke with coffee "sips like a Coke and finishes like a coffee.

New mocha taste this year. Of course, high-fructose corn syrup and Brazilian coffee powder are used.

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