Pizza Hut Is Adding Sirloin Steak To the Menu

Pizza Hut is known for its fast pizzas and breadsticks. After all, "pizza" is the brand's name. With the forthcoming launch of two new menu 

options that will introduce grilled sirloin steak to menus worldwide, Pizza Hut may become your new cheesesteak spot.

These two new foods won't have the flavor most consumers enjoy. Pizza Hut is adding those classic tastes to their pizza and Melts.

The Cheesesteak Pizza—starting at $13.99—has sirloin steak strips, alfredo sauce, green bell peppers, onion, and parmesan oregano.

The Cheesesteak Melt joins the Melts lineup of cheese and toppings in a crispy shell with dipping sauce.

The new $6.99 Melt has sirloin steak strips, melted cheese, and other "savory toppings." Butter, parmesan oregano, and ranch sauce finish it.

These innovative Cheesesteaks offer a unique taste and exceptional value using high-quality ingredients.

"Our new grilled sirloin steak is a must try," said Lindsay Morgan, Pizza Hut U.S. chief marketing officer.

Since the Melts line launched in October last year, Pizza Hut's new Cheesesteak Melt may prove profitable. During an earnings call earlier 

this year, Yum! Brands' CEO said that Pizza Hut's portable menu items were a key sales driver due to its $6.99 pricing and convenience for customers