Popeyes Is Launching 2 Exciting New Chicken Sandwiches Today

Since 2019, Popeyes' chicken sandwich has been a consumer favorite. Back then, stores countrywide sold out and queues of automobiles 

snaked around Popeyes' parking lots to try one. The chicken sandwich craze may be waning, but the company just gave fans two new reasons 

Starting today, Popeyes will permanently introduce its Blackened Chicken Sandwich and allow customers to make any chicken sandwich 

into a bacon and cheese chicken sandwich. A cajun-marinated chicken breast replaces the breaded fillet in the Blackened Chicken sandwich. 

The classic sandwich has 700 calories, but this sandwich, which debuted in May 2021 and returned in November 2022, has 550.

The Blackened Chicken Sandwich, now returning for good, will be Popeyes' first permanent chicken sandwich since 2019. These 

sandwiches, served on toasted brioche buns with barrel-cured pickles and traditional or spicy mayo, will cost $4.99 at eateries countrywide. 

Any sandwich can be ordered with the Havarti-cheese-bacon add-on for $1.50.  Your sandwich will gain 130 calories from the additions.

Popeyes will give online and smartphone customers a free standard side with a chicken sandwich combo to commemorate these new menu items.

Popeyes has rarely introduced new chicken sandwich flavors since 2019. In 2022, the chain offered a Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich with ranch