Popeyes Isn't The Favorite Chicken Chain In Its Home State

Popeyes, a fried chicken chain with a beloved flagship product and $5.5 billion in yearly sales, is comparable

to Chick-fil-A in store count and KFC in revenue. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is likely your 2022 fried chicken choice.

In the chain's native state, no. TOP Agency, a digital marketing business, found that Popeyes is just the second most popular chicken sandwich

and nugget chain in its home state. Despite its lesser size, Baton Rouge-based Raising Cane's chicken finger chain takes first place.

The TOP Agency measured foot traffic at the seven top US chicken businesses using GPS monitoring data. In the survey, Raising Cane's

topped Popeyes in Louisiana and won first place in seven states and second and third in others. The chain with the largest sales growth

Popeyes placed second in ten states, but Louisiana Kitchen only placed first in Washington. Chick-fil-A and KFC won 22 and 12 states, respectively.

Currently, Raising Cane's footprint is impressive. The chain was a quarter of Popeyes' size in 2021 but made nearly $2.3 billion, half of Popeyes'.

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