Seven Jobs You Can Do Remotely


Hollywood, courtrooms, and other sectors need transcribers. From listening to court case audio and writing it down for lawyers to review to supplying subtitles to a TV show,

IT manager

The IT manager's job is difficult because the organization relies on them to decrease downtime and fix issues that are stopping employees from working.

Video Editor

Content creators, news teams, and social managers generally recruit video editors first because they need creativity and attention to detail.


Computer programmers have one of the hardest occupations that requires long hours, repetition, and attention to detail.


If you only know attorneys from excessively dramatized television shows that make them seem to shout in court rooms and bang their fists on tables, this one may seem out of place.


Accountants spend a lot of time researching, evaluating data, and crunching figures like attorneys. Other than interacting with clients, accountants rarely leave their home office, so this vocation has fast become remote.


Before the COVID-19 outbreak, many teachers worked from home for years. Teaching online classes, night school, or English to international students, etc.

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