Seven Play Hungry Dog Breeds

Papillons are smart. If you have a pet, you know that smart dogs are easy to train.


Ever heard of Brittany? This devoted and loving breed was bred as hunting dogs and specialized in pointing and retrieving, so they have lots of energy.


Who doesn't adore Labradoodles? These sweeties are smart and affectionate and full of activity. An hour or two of daily exercise should keep these beautiful dogs happy and healthy.


Breed names often indicate energetic, vibrant personality. Yes, English Springer Spaniels are playful and thrive in dynamic households.

English Springer Spaniel

Golden Retrievers are great pets for most families due to their friendliness, loyalty, and playfulness. They may seem easygoing, but let them off the leash and the fun begins.

Golden Retriever

Due to their small stature and cheery nature, French Bulldogs are great pets for adults and children. One of the most popular little breeds, they make up for their size with personality.

French Bulldog

These dogs like hiking, chasing frisbees, and playing with interactive dog toys to keep them cognitively and physically active.

Australian Shepherd Dog

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