Small Towns You Didn't Know Existed

This underground mining town in Outback South Australia has tunnels to more than 1,500 dwellings, hotels, museums, a church, a casino, a gift shop, and a pub.

Coober Pedy, Australia 

Nevada is home to the world's smallest self-proclaimed country, which has a long history, a president, flag, anthem, passport, and currency—printed on poker chips and relative to cookie dough.

Republic Of Molossia

This peaceful Overijssel village has no highways. Everybody—even the postman—uses canals, earning it the nickname "Little Venice."

Giethoorn, Netherlands 

Virginia is the quietest town in America and bans cell phones, Wi-Fi, stoplights, microwaves, spark-plugs, car radios, electronic doorbells, and other modern conveniences.

Greenbank, USA

 Tsukimi Ayano did what few would: she made life-size doll replacements for everyone in her town after most had fled.

Nagoro, Japan

No alcohol or phone service, one grocery store, two restaurants, one road, and golf carts make this secluded island 12 miles off Virginia's coast fascinating. Stranger still, 460 residents speak with an archaic English accent.

Tangier, US

On a Baltic Sea island, women have ruled 600 people for generations in one of the world's remaining matriarchal communities.

Estonia's Kihnu Island