Southwest flyer's photo shows line of passengers sitting in wheelchairs

A Southwest Airlines customer believes numerous passengers may have taken advantage of the carrier's wheelchair policy to board first.

Paul (@trendready on Twitter), a passenger waiting to board an aircraft, alleged there was a "pre-boarding scam" after seeing 20 customers request wheelchair assistance over the weekend. 

Southwest Air pre-boarding fraud 20 persons boarding in wheelchairs; maybe only three require one to deplane "He

tweeted a photo of numerous wheelchair-bound passengers at a Fort Lauderdale terminal on Saturday.

His Twitter said the flight was canceled. Twitter claims Paul saw a similar occurrence when he was rebooked on a flight on Sunday. 

Six persons deplaned in wheelchairs despite 14 people requesting them on this flight. 

The wheelchair fraud continued this morning. How do 'C'-boarding families pre-board? Put grandma in a wheelchair. He added, "Now the whole family (5) may join her.

Southwest tweeted the Air Carrier Access Act (ACCA)-compliant pre-boarding policy "to provide appropriate accommodations" for all passengers. 

The DOT calls the ACCA "a law that makes it illegal for airlines to discriminate against passengers because of their disability."

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